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Navigating the variety of architecture schools and degrees available can be daunting, but with the right resources, you'll be on your way to the best architecture college for you. Apply to the architecture school that fits you best, and you'll build your way to the career you've been envisioning. Your degree in architecture is waiting.

Degrees in Architecture: Build Your Way to a Better Career: If you have an artistic eye, are intrigued by buildings, and constantly admire the way structures occupy the skyline, it's time to take that passion and start building your career today.

Architecture colleges are waiting for you and your creative mind. All your talent needs is an architecture school with the right program structured to meet your needs. Degrees in architecture enable you to turn your ideas into expertise, and watch as your designs take shape.

The creativity and excitement of a degree in architecture is calling you. Here's what you need to get started finding the architecture school right for you. Whether you've attended high school, some college or already have a degree, you'll find the information you need to make sure you have the pre-requisites for admission into the architecture school you choose.

Moving Forward: Degrees in Architecture: When considering architecture schools, it is important to understand the variety of architecture degrees available in the field. For example, if you are just starting out in your college career, you may elect to pursue the first type of architecture degree:

  • • Pre-professional architecture degrees refer to architecture-based four-year programs at the undergraduate level, and have degree titles like Bachelor of Science in Architecture.
  • • A professional architecture degree is another type of degree available at most architecture schools. This refers to architecture degrees that are professionally accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and have titles such as Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture. To receive a Master of Architecture degree typically requires five years of education.
  • • Post-professional degrees are available for those candidates who already hold a professional degree in architecture. These degrees focus on very specific aspects of architecture like design theory, preservation, environmentally sustainable design, and other variants of study in the field.

Architecture Colleges: Opening the Door to Opportunity: Careers opportunities in architecture can be almost as limitless as your imagination. A great amount of flexibility can come with your choice to obtain a degree in architecture. If you chose, you can become a licensed architect and practice your skills professionally, though options abound in related fields and careers like landscape architecture and architectural management. Wherever your personal passions lie, there is a perfect degree in architecture available, suited to your individual needs and expertly designed to help you realize your ultimate potential in the field.

Architecture Degrees for Success: Choosing to attend an architecture college is a decision you may never regret. Especially in times of economic uncertainty and instability, the question of what constitutes a good investment is often raised, and often the one thing that remains constant is the return on your educational investment. Earning a degree in architecture not only means you'll be less likely to be unemployed, but research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that degree holders are also more likely to earn higher median weekly earnings than their non-degreed counterparts.

Earning your degree in architecture is an investment that can provide the opportunities you need to jump-start your career and a chance to fulfill your creative design dreams.

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