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browse (verb) read through a book or a newspaper casually; (of cows, sheep, goats, etc.,) bite off the upper portions of plants; look at a number of things in a shop without interest in any one particular thing; look for information on a computer.

To read only the interesting parts of a newspaper or a book without a serious purpose is to browse through the newspaper or the book. When you do not have serious work, and go through a newspaper, a magazine, or a book, just reading what you think is important, you browse through. 'Browsing through the newspaper, I came across a new cure for cancer.' This means, while glancing through the newspaper, I read about the new cure for cancer. Cows, goats, and sheep nibbling at the higher parts of a plant is also browsing. 'Having to wait for his friend, he sat watching the goat browsing' -- this means, he sat watching the goat eating off the plants. Looking at all the things in a shop, and not just at one thing, without a particular interest in buying anything is browsing. When you browse at the things in a shop, you look at all the things on display, rather than at any one thing in particular, because you may not intend buying anything.

  • On an idle morning, Simpson lay in bed, browsing through the newspaper, when he came across the news that his classmate Billy was selected as the captain of the national basketball team.
  • Having to wait for another fifteen minutes for her friend, she entered the nearby shop, and to spend time till her friend's arrival, she started browsing at the goods on display.
  • Emmanuel spends most of his leisure time browsing websites on the computer for information, mostly about opportunities for investments abroad.
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