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capitulate (verb) surrender; accept something after a long resistance.

When a side fighting with another side accepts defeat and surrenders, it capitulates to the other side. If, fearing total destruction, an army agrees to surrender to the enemy, it capitulates. 'To stop further loss of life, the captain capitulated to the enemy.' This means, to avoid more soldiers being killed, the captain agreed to surrender to the enemy. Unable to stand the aggressive play of the rival team, our team capitulated meekly to it. This means that our team, unable to match the attacking game of the rival team, surrendered to it, without even trying to resist. To capitulate is also to agree to something after resisting it for a long time. 'Much against the inclusion of the rival member in the committee for a long time, he finally capitulated, afraid that he might find himself without support.' This means that he was opposed to his rival being on the committee, but later, afraid that others might not support him, he agreed to the presence of the rival in the committee.

  • The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki decided things for Japan. Without offering any more fight, it capitulated to the allies.
  • Emmanuel did resist for long the demands of the blackmailer, but afraid that the secret side of his life might be exposed, he finally capitulated and agreed to pay up what the blackmailer had asked for.
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