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chasten (verb) punish so as to correct; (in the passive usually) make someone feel sorry that they have done wrong.

When an elderly person chastens a youngster, the youngster is punished for their misconduct or warned severely against such misconduct, the purpose is to correct the youngster. Teachers chasten pupils, that is, they punish pupils to discipline them. Chasten, used in the passive, means to make a person sadder and wiser after an experience. It is their realization of their having done something wrong. 'Having lost his money by his foolish investments, he is now a chastened man.' This means that his loss of money in an unwise manner has made him repentant and wiser.

  • The loss of the match has chastened the players into realizing that overconfidence and lack of team spirit can ruin the chances of success of even the best players.
  • Now that he is left friendless, he is a chastened man. He has now realized that his rudeness will not be tolerated by the others.
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