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cite (verb) quote; mention as an example; order a person to appear in court; praise in honor.

When you repeat the exact words of a person, or from a book, you quote them or you cite them, in support of what you are saying or arguing. 'Where there is a will, there is a way,' the manager cited the proverb, when one of his colleagues said that the weather was not in favor of any work. This means that the manager suggested that if his colleague had the will to do the work, she would do it, even in the bad whether. When we mention a person or a thing as an example or as a reason for something, we cite them or the thing. 'He cited the heavy snowfall as his reason for his staying indoors.' That is, he mentioned the heavy snowfall as his reason for his not going out. 'Talking of the virtues of vegetarianism, he cited the elephant as an example of the strength that vegetarian food can give.' That is, he mentioned elephant as an example of the virtue of vegetarian food. A person is cited in a case if they are ordered to appear in a court in connection with the case. 'She is cited in the divorce case.' This means, she has been asked to appear in the court in connection with the divorce case. To mention someone publicly because they have done something great. That is, they are cited in recognition of their greatness.

  • Hal cited his height of over six feet as a factor in his great success as a sportsperson, and truly so, because his height helped him to move fast and jump quickly, which are so much needed in sports.
  • The speaker on the occasion cited a number of passages from the plays of Shakespeare to impress upon his listeners that Shakespeare's thoughts were relevant even today and that we could benefit a lot from them.
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