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compelling (adj) forcing (one's attention, etc.); driving (one to act); strong (of reason, need, etc.); making something felt as true.

When something is compelling, it is so interesting and exciting that it forces you to take a look at it and pay attention to it. A book makes compelling reading, if it is exciting enough to force you to read it. That is, you feel compelled to read it. A compelling personality is a person who is so interesting that you feel forced to know more about them, or even to meet them. A compelling reason is a reason which is strong enough to force you to do something. He has a compelling reason to earn more. This means that he has a very strong reason to earn more money. A compelling need is a need that forces you to act. 'I find no compelling need to see a doctor now.' This means, I don't think that I have a serious problem, so I feel there is no need to consult a doctor right now.

  • The compelling evidence produced by the prosecution helped the judge decide the case quickly. The evidence was strong enough to convince the judge that the accused was guilty.
  • That she is a compelling personality is undoubted. Look at the number of biographies written about her. They are an indication of the compelling interest she causes in people to write about her.
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