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conception (noun) the process of formation of an idea; a general understanding or an idea of something; the process of formation of an egg inside a woman's womb leading to the pregnancy of a woman.

The forming of an idea of doing something is the conception of the idea. When a person first thinks of a bridge across a river the person has a conception of the bridge. When a person has conception of building a house, they get the idea of building it. When you get the idea of writing a book, you have a conception of the book. A general idea about something or an understanding of something is a conception. For example, when you have a conception of what life is like in Japan, you have an idea of the way of life of the people there. 'She has no conception of working in an all-male company.' This means, she does not know about the conditions of work in a company of only men workers. Most of us have no conception of interplanetary travels because we do not know the conditions on a journey to other planets. The beginning of a woman's pregnancy is conception. It marks her conception of a child.

  • No sooner did he have the conception of writing the book, than he put his pen on paper and started writing, but it took a whole year for him to complete it.
  • Having spent all his life in big cities, Jeremy had no conception of rural life. So, it took sometime for him to adjust to the conditions of the small town, where he had set up his factory.
  • During conception, as the pregnancy starts off, women experience some nausea and discomfort.
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