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implicit (adj) hinted or understood and not openly stated; total and continued.

An implicit threat is a threat indirectly conveyed and not openly stated. An implicit choice is not an openly stated choice. If one says that between the mango and the apple, the apple is tastier, their rejection of the mango is implicit, that is, they reject the mango without openly stating so. Implicit in your actions is your dislike of a person, if without saying so openly, you avoid meeting them in spite of their several requests. Implicit obedience is total and continued obedience. Implicit loyalty is total and continued loyalty.

  • Implicit in the boss's speech was the warning that irregular hours at work will lead to the dismissal of the employee. It was not stated in so many words, but none could miss the threat in her words.
  • Implicit obedience to the commanding officer's orders is what is expected of a soldier. It is for the soldier to obey and not to question even when he knows that an order is not good.
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