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inflated (adj) (of prices or amounts of money, fees, etc.) much higher than reasonable; (of claims, ideas, greatness, etc.,) exaggerated.

Inflated prices are much higher than are reasonable. If the charges are much higher than are acceptable, they are inflated. If a person gets an inflated salary, they get a higher salary than they deserve. The salary may be too much for the work they do too, if the salary is inflated. If a person has inflated opinion about their greatness, they think that they are very great which, in fact, they are not. An inflated feeling of importance is the feeling that you are very important though you are not that important. Inflated figures of unemployment are exaggerated figures; showing that more people are unemployed than is the case. A balloon, or a rubber tube, like those in a car tire, is inflated, if it is filled with gas or air as the case may be.

  • Kings and emperors of the olden days had inflated opinions of their own importance; they used to feel that without them the world could not go on.
  • Most company directors draw inflated salaries. They are utterly disproportionate to the work they do or to their investment in the business.
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