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knit (verb) make clothes from woolen or cotton threads using two long needles; join people or things closely, unite them; (of broken bones) join into one piece; (of eyebrows) pressed together.

Woolen or cotton threads are knitted together with the help of two long needles to make cloth. Usually sweaters and pullovers of wool are interlaced together with the help of two long needles, and this is knitting. When people are joined together or united because of a common belief, ideas, or way of living, they are knitted together. “Their opposition to dictatorship knits them together.” This means that they are united because of their opposition to dictatorship. “Their faith knits them together.” This means they remain together because of they have the same faith. A fractured bone knits if the broken pieces join into one piece, or if the crack in the bone is healed. When you press your eye brows together, you knit your brows.

  • The pregnant woman began knitting a sweater for the baby to be born. You could see her spending most of the time lacing together threads of wool with the knitting needles.
  • The Indians in the US are knit into a homogeneous group, because of their common Indian origin.
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