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pertinent (adj) relevant.

A pertinent point is a point that is relevant to a situation or a subject under discussion. A pertinent fact is a fact connected with a particular topic or a situation. The role of the teacher is pertinent in our efforts to improve the education system. That is, the role of a teacher is concerned with any effort to improve the education system. No discussion of the education system is complete without talking about the importance of the teacher. A talk of world peace is pertinent to a discussion about the improvement of living conditions of the peoples in the world. That is, when you think of improving the living conditions of the people in the world, you have to refer to world peace.

  • His questions about the qualifications of the persons involved in the project are pertinent, for without qualified persons no project can be successful.
  • The chair person requested the speakers to focus on the points pertinent to the topic of discussion. It would be a waste of time, he warned them, to talk of points not related to the topic of discussion.
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