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promote (verb) 1. Help the growth of 2. Help sell a product 3. To move to a higher rank or promotion in a job.

When we say that sports competitions promote friendship between nations, we mean that they help the friendship between nations to grow. ‘Exercises promote physical fitness.’ This means that exercises increase our fitness. Better communications promote better understanding in that if we communicate better, we are understood and we understand others better. When we promote a product, we try to sell it, by advertising it, by demonstration or by offering at a lower price. If a company organizes a promotion campaign, it is busy publicizing the product. When a company promotes an employee, it offers them a higher position or rank, than they are in. An officer is promoted to a general manager, if they are given the position of a general manager.

  • The exchange of visits by people of different nations promotes the understanding among them. These visits bring people in different nations together and that increases their understanding one another.
  • Because of his meritorious services, government promoted him from the rank of the lieutenant to the rank of a captain.
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