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Whether you're looking for a job in a major corporation or planning to start your own company, degrees in business are a versatile and practical way to enter the world of commerce.

Business Colleges: The business world offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for anyone with an interest in commercial and corporate affairs. Whether you're looking for a job in a major corporation or planning to start your own company, degrees in business are a versatile and practical way to enter the world of commerce.

Business Schools and Degrees: There's a reason business colleges are among the most popular schools: smart students know that a business degree serves as a solid foundation for a wide range of careers. Business degrees are available in undergraduate and graduate programs at schools all over the country.

  • Bachelor's degrees in business can be entered with only a few prerequisites, although specific programs may request a personal essay, special applications, or proof of work or volunteer experience to be considered for acceptance.
  • Masters and doctorate programs in business can usually be entered after earning a bachelor's degree in any discipline, although they will require previous courses in business, economics, statistics, and sometimes accounting, marketing, and management depending on the focus of the particular program.

Business studies are a smart choice for anyone interested in management, corporate affairs, and/or the global economy. It's a good specialization for those who enjoy working with other people, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and like the thrill of making an educated guess and doing their best to help a project or a company succeed. Teamwork, quick problem-solving, conceptual thinking, and effective money skills are essential in this environment.

There are hundreds of quality business colleges all over the United States, but some of the most renowned include Stanford University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, the University of California (Berkeley and Los Angeles campuses), Columbia University, Yale University, Cornell University, and many others. Business is a growing, lucrative field and is a popular choice for undergraduate and graduate students alike.

Careers in Business: What kinds of careers can be pursued after earning a degree in business? Below are just some of the many jobs that can be procured by business graduates:

  • • Accounting
  • • Business administration
  • • Management
  • • Business consulting
  • • Marketing

With hundreds of business careers to choose from, it's important that students specialize in an area where they intend to work after graduation. Based on the thousands of employers and job prospects, the outlook is promising for those completing a degree in business.

  • • Advertising, marketing, and public relations jobs are expected to grow over the next several years (according to 2008-2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates), adding an additional 13% to the current 623,800 jobs in this field.
  • • Career opportunities for financial managers will grow by 10%, roughly the average in all occupations. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects fierce competition in this field, so job prospects will favor those with masters and doctorate degrees.
  • • Accounting and auditing employed roughly 1.3 million business graduates in 2008, and 22% growth is expected in this sector by 2018.
  • • About 2.1 million people were employed as business executives in 2008. Because such jobs are highly coveted and there is little turnover, the BLS expects very little growth or personnel change in this sector.

Income and job prospects in the business field vary widely based on education, experience, and the specific career you intend to pursue, but there are millions of business and commerce jobs available, and millions more will be created in the next few years. Opportunity abounds for students willing to work hard and excel in business colleges.

Melissa Rudy


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