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The design and structure of all kinds of things, such as car engines, hydro electric dams and even simple power tools all starts at the hands of graduates of mechanical engineering schools. The education is demanding but the financial rewards make it worthwhile.

Mechanical Engineering Schools Prepare You to Design the Tools and Cars and Airplanes of Tomorrow: Mechanical engineering schools prepare students to design and plan engines, tools, and other mechanically moving equipment. When you think of a car engine or a drill or a even a water heater, you are thinking of the fruits of a mechanical engineer. It can be a fascinating and rewarding career that starts at mechanical engineering colleges, then onto a rewarding career where you may design a race car engine to be more powerful or modify door hinges to swing better.

Mechanical Engineering Colleges: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers lists more than 600 mechanical engineering schools worldwide and just less than 300 in the US alone. All fifty states plus Washington, DC, have schools offering degrees in mechanical engineering. North Dakota and Vermont are among twelve states that have just two such programs. Wyoming, Delaware, and Hawaii have only one each. A formal education is paramount, as 46 percent of mechanical engineers have bachelor's degrees and another twenty-nine percent continued on to earn master's degrees in mechanical engineering, according to a data tank of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS.

There is a significant difference between what's expected between an undergraduate and a graduate education. For example, at Mississippi State, for undergrad degrees in mechanical engineering, students have a handful of already-made objectives ranging from showing competence in the rudimentary math, engineering, and science to the field of ethics. For grad students, the goal is to carry out extended research on a specific topic within mechanical engineering.

Some programs--like the school of engineering at the University of Alabama-Birmingham--emphasize collaboration with other professionals in fields like medicine, business and even government.

Degrees in mechanical engineering are demanding on students. Typically, curriculum is math-centric with a heavy dose of science classes. Of course, specific mechanical engineering classes dominate the major.

Education Pays: Those with degrees typically earn more than their non-degree counterparts. For most engineering professions, a formal education is just about the only way in. According to a 2009 education study by the BLS, a bachelor's degree averages $1,025 of average weekly earnings, a master's degree averages $1,257. Compare that to a high school diploma at $626 a week or a high school dropout's weekly average of $454. Graduating from mechanical engineering schools pays well.

Careers in Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineers can find careers doing several different things. You could be designing power-producing machines, like wind turbines or power-using machines like refrigerators, or even tools used in both other fields. You may see work in several different industries, as mechanical equipment is in use across the whole economy. You could be in agriculture, manufacturing, or even technical sales.

Degrees in mechanical engineering tend to fetch you a wage significantly above the national average. In 2008, mechanical engineers earned a mean annual wage of $80,580, according to the BLS. However, job growth will be slower than average, with only three to six percent growth by 2018. You may find related work in other fields such as material engineering or the oil and natural gas industries.

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