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If you're interested in becoming a mining engineer, a degree from a mining engineering school is a solid foundation for a lucrative and fulfilling career.

Mining Engineering Colleges: Mining engineering involves the extraction and processing of natural minerals and other materials from the Earth. This ancient and increasingly complex discipline provides the basic materials needed for industry, chemical manufacturing, construction, and dozens of other endeavors, from building a space shuttle to handcrafting art or jewelry. There is virtually no part of our lives that is untouched by the impact of mining engineering and its products.

If you're interested in this vitally important field of work, pursuing a degree in mining engineering could lead to a fascinating and satisfying career. Read on to learn more about the many mining engineering schools and the employment options available to motivated graduates.

Applying to Mining Engineering Schools: Although college degrees in mining engineering are mainly rooted in sciences, math and computing, this interdisciplinary field also draws on a variety of other subjects, including geology, environmental issues, and international relations. As a result, the best candidates for mining engineering colleges are well-rounded students with strengths in a variety of areas.

Mining engineering schools offer a variety of degrees, from bachelor's to master's and even some doctoral programs.

  • Undergraduate degrees in mining engineering generally require all of the basic high school sciences and math as prerequisites (biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, statistics) with an emphasis on optional engineering, sciences, geography, geology, and other related courses.
  • Graduate degrees at many mining engineering schools require a background in civil, mechanical, or geological engineering, plus adequate training in the sciences, computing, and analytics for higher level courses.

Whatever degree program you choose, mining engineering opens the door to opportunities all over the world that depend on ingenuity, flexibility, and creative and technical skills.

Some of the most well-known mining engineering colleges include:

  • • Colorado School of Mines
  • • South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • • Pennsylvania State University
  • • Montana Tech of the University of Montana
  • • Missouri University of Science and Technology

Careers in Mining Engineering: Degrees in mining engineering from reputable schools provide a stable foundation for a variety of professional careers. From developing new mining equipment to overseeing the implementation of precise drilling, extraction, or processing techniques, mining engineers are in demand all over the world.

There is a shortage of qualified mining engineers in both industrialized and developing countries, making this a viable and well-paid career for the foreseeable future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 7,100 mining engineers employed in the United States in 2008, with a projected 15% growth expected in a decade, reaching 8,200 by 2018. In May 2008, mining engineers in the United States earned an average of $75,960 annually, with the highest-paid ten percent earning a mean of $122,750.

From mine designs to environmental reclamation, and from worker safety to mineral processing, mining engineering is a fascinating field that offers a challenging and lucrative career to those with the right training and expertise.

Melissa Rudy.


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