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Bennington College is a liberal arts college in southwestern Vermont that distinguished itself early as a vanguard institution within American higher education. Bennington graduates are notably confident in their capacity to engage and succeed in the world because, at Bennington, learning and making -- on campus and in the field -- are inseparable. Three structures make this possible and set a Bennington education apart. First, graduate-style academic advising allows students to map a territory for study and practice that goes beyond the bounds of a traditional major and serves them at Bennington and after graduation. Students work closely with an advisory committee of three faculty to guide their progress over four years and to ensure that their plan is challenging, academically sound, and significant. By building, articulating, and advocating for the substance of their education, Bennington students hone their ability to thrive in a world without givens, to tolerate ambiguity, and to see clear to a solution even when a path is not laid out before them. Second, Bennington is the only college in the country to require an annual internship since its founding. For two months every winter, students work with an organization or institution of their choosing, anywhere in the world, to apply what they have learned on campus and to focus what they study and make at Bennington. In this way, students join the field that interests them without waiting for graduation. Third, Bennington is a highly engaged community of active makers and practitioners, regardless of their field. The faculty and administration are mentors and peers ready to engage with students work in addition to being subject matter experts. The Bennington community extends far beyond the campus, offering connections to alumni, colleagues, and employers around the world. Bennington alumni have an outsized impact on the worlds stage. In the past year alone, Bennington graduates have won two Pulitzer Prizes in literature, three Guggenheim Awards, a National Institute of Mental Health Innovative New Scientist grant, and three Emmy Award nominations, among others.

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Private, Coed 1932 N/A Semester $25.9 million + 1 College Drive, Bennington, VT 05201 (802) 442-5401
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58 100.0 Vermont Bennington 140