Donnelly College

School Details

school_type year_founded religious_affiliation academic_calendar year_2016_endowment address telephone
Private, Coed 1949 Roman Catholic Semester N/A 608 N 18th Street, Kansas City, KS 66102 (913) 621-8700
overall score total score state city online paying global
Kansas Kansas City

Overall Score

title value
Score N/A

Graduation and Retention Rates (22.5%)

title value
6-year graduation rate N/A
High school counselor score (out of 5) N/A

Faculty Resources (20%)

title value
Classes with fewer than 20 students 85.7%
Classes with 50 or more students 0%
Student-faculty ratio 11:1

Student Selectivity (12.5%)

title value
Fall 2016 acceptance rate 100%