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As a small, residential liberal arts college in Walla Walla, Wash., Whitman provides an education that goes beyond the classroom. Students, known as "Whitties," are scholars, but also explorers and scientists. There are approximately 1,500 current Whitties on campus now and more than 16,000 alumni worldwide. They climb mountains, travel to far-off corners, advocate for social justice and so much more. They care about community and strive to become citizens of the world. With a strong grounding in the liberal arts, a down-to-earth approach to living and learning, and the support of meaningful relationships with faculty and peers, Whitman is a place where you will pursue your passions and start effecting meaningful change in the world and you won't have to wait four years to do it. The campus culture is one that fosters and nurtures close dialogue and collaborative research among students and faculty. Expect a strong and broad foundation of knowledge. A passion for the life of the mind. The ability to adapt and think critically. The desire to ask serious questions about the society we live in and the ability to analyze complex issues to find answers to those questions. The drive to take intellectual risks. Creativity. Persuasive, thoughtful communication. Strong interpersonal and social skills. These are all products of the rigorous liberal arts education at Whitman. Regardless of the major you choose to pursue (Whitman has 46 to choose from), these skills will be developed throughout your Whitman education. Whitman's interdisciplinary curriculum includes a two-semester class in Antiquity and Modernity which exercises your intellect through fascinating discussions and in-depth exploration of history, literature, religion, and Western philosophy. This class, known as "Encounters," is the foundation of the Whitman experience and takes place all in a collaborative classroom setting with less than 16 students. Outside of Encounters, as part of Whitman's general studies requirements, you'll take courses on topics you've always wanted to explore as well as on those you haven't yet considered, ranging from anthropology to geology, and the politics of environmental studies to world literature and beyond. Whitman attracts thousands of applicants a year based on its known passion for rigorous scholarship. More than experts in their fields, Whitman faculty bring their passion into the classroom to inspire a true dedication to scholarship in their students. They will demand your engagement while providing support for your learning. You will come to know them personally as they become collaborators, critics, mentors and advisers. A Whitman education includes numerous learning experiences outside the classroom, across the region and around the world. Research opportunities, social and athletic programming, informal lectures and discussions, service learning, internships and real-world fieldwork allows you to place your classroom learning in the context of daily life. These experiences help reinforce the ideas and insights inspired by rigorous theoretical learning within Whitman's classrooms. As an intellectually-centered, diverse, and highly-engaged community of scholars, Whitman cares deeply about who you are and how you will contribute to the Whitman community. The College seeks high-achieving students with diverse backgrounds - curious, inspired, and highly-engaged students with a passion for learning and a wide and eclectic range of interests; the kind of independent-minded students who are motivated to take intellectual risks in order to become the kind of leaders who can make a difference in the world. To attract the very best students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, Whitman offers a comprehensive financial aid program that includes scholarships, grants, employment opportunities, and loans to assist in financing a high-caliber Whitman education.

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Private, Coed 1883 N/A Semester $477.8 million 345 Boyer Avenue, Walla Walla, WA 99362 (509) 527-5111
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74 100.0 Washington Walla Walla 275