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Wittenberg University is a highly personal, active and engaged academic experience, where it's not about becoming a perfect student, but rather a fully realized person-full of confidence, free from contradiction and fully prepared to make an immediate impact in ones community and around the world. As a four-year liberal arts and sciences college founded in 1845, affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and located in Springfield, Ohio, Wittenberg has developed students individual gifts and talents in a supportive environment that provides an outstanding foundation for a successful career and meaningful life. With more than 900 courses that engage and inspire across more than 80 majors, minors and special programs, Wittenbergs award-winning professors push students thinking beyond what is comfortable and into what is important. Wittenberg's mission, goals and continuous commitment all serve the individual student on a personal path to understanding, achievement and purpose. Reflecting its Lutheran heritage, Wittenberg challenges students to become responsible global citizens, to discover their callings, and to lead personal, professional, and civic lives of creativity, service, compassion, and integrity. With more Ohio Professors of the Year than any other four-year institution in the state and a Fulbright-rich faculty, Wittenberg is defined by uncompromised teaching. From every new students first class, they are exposed to gifted scholar-teachers in small class settings. The work is designed to be challenging, but faculty members remain close, and the great majority of students develop a relationship with a professor as a mentor, or even a friend. There are also no teaching assistants at Wittenberg, which offers a 14:1 student-faculty ratio. The faculty culture attracts scholars and scientists who are highly committed to undergraduate teaching excellence. From collaborative research opportunities and service abroad, Wittenberg faculty and students understand that there is never just one point of view, one answer, one truth. They also know that the choices they make are best understood within a context that includes history, politics, culture, psychology, science, technology, economics and religion. As a community of thinkers, leaders, athletes and, most importantly, doers, Wittenberg also offers one of the most energetic campuses in the country, complete with 24 varsity sports, a vibrant study abroad program, global service opportunities, and more than 125 student activities. Whatever the passion, whether its comic books or sailing, cave exploration or physics, a group of like-minded students can be found at Wittenberg, which has an annual enrollment of 1,900 undergraduate students. With the most wins in NCAA Division III history in men's basketball and ranking second in all-time wins in football, Wittenbergs athletics program also ensures that although students will never be a number on campus, there is a strong chance they will wear one.Three quarters of students play intramural or club sports each year, and 35 percent play intercollegiate sports. In addition, Wittenbergs motto, "Having Light We Pass It On To Others," daily inspires students. Whether its traveling the globe for study, continuing on to graduate school or making an immediate impact in their communities after graduation, Wittenberg students leave their mark wherever they go. From the White House, ABCs Primetime and Dreamworks to the Peace Corps, two state Supreme Courts, the Hong Kong and New York Stock Exchanges, the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Nobel Prize nominating committee, Wittenberg alumni are sought-after graduates who bring global understanding and a well-rounded approach to their work across all fields.

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Private, Coed 1845 Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod Semester $98.7 million + PO Box 720, Springfield, OH 45501 (937) 327-6231
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43 100.0 Ohio Springfield 659