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Consider schools in Maine when you're thinking about furthering your education. Maine schools might just provide you with opportunities for a better future.

Maine Colleges and You: Choices about your education are some of the most important decisions you'll make. Where will you go to school? What will you study? Exploring the wide range of options available to you at Maine colleges can help you make these important choices with confidence.

Public and Private Colleges in Maine: The University of Maine system is composed of seven public colleges and nine regional outreach centers. These various campuses all feature unique academic service profiles, each with individual strengths and styles of teaching and learning. Apart from the principal land-grant campus in Orono, the University of Maine system features campuses in the cities of Augusta, Farmington, Fort Kent, Machias, Presque Isle, and Portland.

Private colleges in Maine add more variety to the options for your continued education. Private Maine schools, such as the Maine College of Art and the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, often provide very specialized programs for their students, allowing those with specific educational goals to focus their studies on precise areas of expertise. Take a look at a few of these private schools in Maine:

  • • St. Joseph's College
  • • College of the Atlantic
  • • New England College of Communications
  • • University of New England
  • • Heartwood College of Art

Community Colleges in Maine: For those with limited time or financial resources budgeted for their continued education, community colleges in Maine are a worthy consideration. Whether you're seeking an associate's degree or looking to get your feet wet with some core classes, these two-year public schools in Maine can help you work toward a continued education while placing a minimum strain on your existing lifestyle:

  • • Central Maine Community College, Auburn
  • • Washington County Community College, Calais
  • • Eastern Maine Community College, Bangor
  • • Northern Maine Community College, Presque Isle
  • • Kennebec Valley Community College, Fairfield
  • • Southern Maine Community College, Portland
  • • York County Community College, Wells

Maine Colleges and Your Employment Opportunities: It's no secret that educated professionals earn more on average than their uneducated counterparts in the workforce. In 2009, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) processed average weekly wage data at numerous educational levels, and the figures speak for themselves:

  • • Less than a high school diploma: $454
  • • High school graduate: $626
  • • Associate's degree: $761
  • • Bachelor's degree: $1,025
  • • Master's degree: $1,257

Now take a look at these average yearly salary figures for professions that Maine schools can prepare you for:

  • • Landscape Architect: $64,150
  • • Civil Engineer: $70,550
  • • Financial Manager: $80,490
  • • Lawyer: $93,620
  • • Physicist: $101,370

What's more, earnings in several Maine employment sectors are on the rise, despite the economic recession. Your continued education can help you find a position in the education and health services, financial activities, professional and business services, or information sectors, all of which enjoyed a wage increase in 2009. Education and health services even saw an increase in overall employment for the same period. The education you earn at Maine colleges can set you up for a career in one of these growing industries.

Make a point to learn more about colleges in Maine and the ways in which a continued education can work for you. Discover the benefits of Maine schools and how they can propel you toward your career and educational goals.

Justin Boyle.


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