Oregon Colleges & Universities

The many well-respected colleges in Oregon can prepare you for a number of great careers.

Oregon Schools Offer Scenic Beauty and Cutting Edge Opportunity: The state of Oregon is at once rugged and progressive, fusing unspoiled Pacific Northwest beauty with forward-thinking ideals. Oregon also boasts a strong educational tradition, offering almost 30 four-year institutions. Some of these Oregon schools continually rank among the best in the country. Anyone interested in a college experience that combines educational excellence with environmental consciousness and outdoor adventures should give Oregon colleges a serious look.

Schools in Oregon are Among the Nation's Best: Academically, Athletically, and Environmentally: Below are just a few of the fantastic schools in Oregon:

  • University of Oregon (public): With a sports program that figures among the most competitive in the nation, a beautiful location that offers a variety of outdoor recreation, a prestigious academic profile, and reasonable tuition rates, Oregon's premier public university has just about everything. Popular majors here include the social sciences and business. The total number of undergrads is 18,509. Nearly three quarters of the freshman class identifies as white, with slightly more women than men. Tuition costs the native Oregonian $8,190, while out-of-state students pay $26,010.
  • Oregon State University (public): Located in the small city of Corvallis, Oregon State is the third largest four-year university in the state, with an undergraduate body of 18,067 students. The school offers over two hundred bachelor's degree programs, and prides itself in its research facilities. Engineering majors account for 16% of the student body, tying business majors for first. Oregon residents pay $7,115 in tuition and fees, while their out-of-state counterparts pay $20,435.
  • Reed College (private): If you're looking for a small school in a large city with selective, highly reputable liberal arts programs, Reed college may very well be the school for you. Reed's undergraduate body is made up of 1,452 students, most of whom are majoring in the social sciences, English and other languages, and biology. Its admission rate is 41%; tuition costs $41,200 for both Oregon residents and out-of-state students.
  • Willamette University (private): Willamette is another of Oregon's small yet highly esteemed liberal arts colleges. They admit 60% of their applicants, and have a relatively small student body that totals just under 2,000 individuals. Over a quarter of Willamette's students are pursuing degrees in the social sciences, English majors being first runners-up. Tuition and fees cost $37,361 for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Graduates of Oregon Schools Enter a Diversified Economy: According to July, 2010, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Oregon is experiencing a 10.6% unemployment rate, above average for the country. Whatever your prospective industry, acquiring a formal education is almost always the best way to ensure that your skills are marketable.

Oregon's geography supports an economy based on agriculture, aquaculture, ranching, and logging. The state has a proud tradition of salmon fishing, hazelnut farming, wine and beer production, and, despite drastic changes to the timber industry, still leads the nation in softwood lumber production. Other major industries in Oregon include tourism, high technology, and film. Sportswear companies Nike and Columbia have also set up shop within Oregon's borders.

The writer Karin Hansen holds a degree in English from San Francisco State University.


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