Rhode Island Colleges & Universities

Colleges in Rhode Island offer many excellent, varied programs that can benefit a wide range of students.

Rhode Island Colleges: The Road to Opportunities: Recognized first and foremost as the nation's smallest state, Rhode Island lies along the eastern seaboard, offering a unique and inviting culture heavily influenced by its ocean-dominant geography. Home to a small but diverse collection of colleges and universities, Rhode Island schools cater to students of all talents. Don't be fooled: its small stature belies the various prestigious educational institutions that call Rhode Island home.

Earn Your Degree From One of the Excellent Schools in Rhode Island:

  • University of Rhode Island (public): The largest of Rhode Island colleges--educating a student body of 13,234 undergraduates--is a public university located in the rural town of Kingston. The University of Rhode Island's top three majors are business, communications, and the health professions. Its acceptance rate is 84%. Current Rhode Island residents pay $10,476 for tuition, and out-of-state students pay $27,182.
  • Brown University (private): Rhode Island is home to an Ivy League liberal arts school located in the state's capital. Brown is known for its progressive academics and free-thinking students. It is also an NCAA Division I school. Brown's undergraduate student body is comprised of 6,244 individuals; these attendees represent the top 11% percent of all applicants. Almost half of Brown's students major in the social sciences, and all students, both in-state and out-of-state, can expect to pay $40,820 in tuition.
  • Bryant University (private): Bryant University proposes a unique education philosophy: that liberal arts and business are not mutually exclusive. This semi-selective rural school admits just over half of its applicants, allowing for an undergraduate class of 3,386. The overwhelming majority of students (84%) pursue business and marketing degrees. Tuition at this private university costs $33,357 for both Rhode Island natives and out-of-state students alike.
  • Rhode Island School of Design (private): Artistically-focused students seeking a diverse secondary education that's a cut above the rest need look no further than Rhode Island School of Design. Located in Providence, RISD is a private art school of 1,940 undergraduates, many of whom represent foreign countries and minority races. The college is highly selective, admitting only 35% of its applicants. Students may choose from a host of architecture and visual/performing arts specialties, allowing them to delve into their artistic passions with the guidance of skilled professors. Tuition and fees cost $38,295 for all students (not including potential financial aid), regardless of Rhode Island residency.

Rhode Island Colleges Can Prepare You for an Economy in Transition: Rhode Island's most recent unemployment figures are 11.9%, higher than the national average. Tough economic times remind us of the value of education; whatever your prospective field, earning a degree from one of the many excellent Rhode Island schools can go a long way toward ensuring your future career prospects.

The economy in Rhode Island is primarily based in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and tourism. Teachers are especially well-paid in Rhode Island. According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, postsecondary teachers often earn more than teachers employed in any other state, depending upon the subject. Economics professors earn a mean annual wage of $127,060; engineering professors, $113,730; physical science professors, $109,890; and postsecondary sociology teachers, $108,310.

The writer Karin Hansen holds a degree in English from San Francisco State University.


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